Process to Send an attachment On Gmail?

How to attach a file along with your message? Here, we are explaining it all method to send attachment in Gmail messages, know here complete solution.

Sending an Attachment on Gmail to Desktop

  • Log-in To Gmail
  • Click the Compose Button shown at the left –top hand side of your Gmail.
  • Now, enter the receiver's email address in to field.
  • Now, click on the paper clip icon that shown at the bottom portion of the composing window.
  • Now select a file from your device and attach it to the mail. If your single file size is more than 15 MB, we suggest you to make it into two fragments for avoiding the upload/download error. According to the Gmail, a user can upload the 25 MB in Size.

Sending an Attachment on Gmail to Google Drive

Google drive is a file storage and synchronization that developed by Google, mainly for the Gmail users. Google drives have most trusted secure file sharing system. Users can upload a file to Google drive and then it can share to the others through the uploaded HTTP link. Here is an elucidation of file uploading procedure to the Google Drive.

  • Select the Compose button
  • Now select the Google Drive Icon (shown next to the message attachment clip)
  • Now select on Upload and click on Select files from the computers
  • Select a file from your computer and click on upload. It will appear in the message body of your device. That is the procedure of attaching files through the Google Drive.

Sending an Attachment on Gmail to Email Apps

Gmail have IMAP and POP3 servers that helps to connect the application with the apps like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird etc. Than a usual mode, the mail application is comforter to use. Demonstration- Microsoft Outlook

  • Click On New that shown the upper left hand side of Outlook
  • Then, add the receivers address in the To/Cc/Bcc spaces
  • Now , click on attach file and select desired files from your local storage
  • Click on send once after finishing the upload

Sending an Attachment on Gmail to Mobile Apps

Gmail develops mobile applications for Windows, IOS, Java and Android platforms. Based on the OS, the users can download the applications from its respective online stores. Demonstration of Gmail Sending attachment through Apps

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  • Touch the compose button shown in your Gmail apps
  • Now, add the To/Cc/Bcc fields and then upload the file from your device by clicking the paper clip icon.
  • Once the file uploading is being finished, touch the Send option.

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